Harlingen PSC To Rectangular Shank Adaptor

How can your production benefit from HARLINGEN PSC Turning Toolholders?

● Three clamping types, available in rough machining, semi-finishing, finishing machining
● For mounting ISO standard insert
● High coolant pressure available
● Other sizes on enquiry

Product Features

High Torque Transmission

Both surfaces of the tapered-polygon and flange are positioned and clamped, providing an extraordinary high torque transmission and High bending strength resulting in excellent cutting performance and increasing productivity.

High Basic Stability And Accuracy

By adapting PSC positioning and clamping, it is an ideal turning tool interface to guarantee repeated accuracy ±0.002mm from X, Y, Z axis, and reduce machine downtime.

Reduced Set-Up Time

Time of set-up and tool change within 1 minute, leading to significantly increased machine utilization.

Flexible With Extensive Modularity

It will cost fewer tools to process by the using of various arbors.

Product Parameters

Harlingen Psc To Rectangular Shank Adaptor

About This Item

Introducing the Harlingen Psc To Rectangular Shank Adaptor – the ultimate solution for seamless and efficient tool transitions. Designed with precision and crafted with excellence, this adaptor is set to revolutionize the way you work.

Do you find yourself struggling with incompatible tools? Are you tired of wasting time and energy trying to connect different shanks? Look no further, as the Harlingen Psc To Rectangular Shank Adaptor is here to streamline your work process. Compatible with a wide range of tools, this adaptor eliminates the hassle of searching for specific attachments for your projects.

What sets the Harlingen Psc To Rectangular Shank Adaptor apart from the competition? Its exceptional quality and durability. Constructed with robust materials, this adaptor guarantees longevity and reliability. It is built to withstand rigorous use, making it the perfect addition to any professional toolkit. Say goodbye to flimsy adaptors that break or bend under pressure – the Harlingen Psc To Rectangular Shank Adaptor is designed to withstand even the toughest working conditions.

Not only is this adaptor built to last, but it also offers unparalleled performance. The smooth transition from a Harlingen Psc shank to a rectangular shank ensures a secure and stable connection. You can trust this adaptor to provide a seamless transfer of power, allowing you to work with precision and efficiency.

Versatility is another standout feature of the Harlingen Psc To Rectangular Shank Adaptor. With its wide range of compatibility, this adaptor can be used with various tools such as drills, drivers, and grinders. No matter the task at hand, this adaptor will seamlessly integrate into your workflow, saving you time and effort.

Not only does the Harlingen Psc To Rectangular Shank Adaptor offer practicality, but it also prioritizes safety. With its sturdy construction and secure fit, you can work confidently, knowing that your tools are securely connected. This adaptor ensures that there are no wobbles or slips during operation, minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries.

Ease of use is at the forefront of the Harlingen Psc To Rectangular Shank Adaptor's design. With its user-friendly interface, attaching and detaching tools is a breeze. The simple yet effective locking mechanism ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. Additionally, the compact size of this adaptor makes storage and transportation a breeze, perfect for professionals on the go.

In conclusion, the Harlingen Psc To Rectangular Shank Adaptor is the epitome of efficiency, reliability, and versatility. Its superior quality and performance make it an essential accessory for professionals and homeowners alike. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and embrace the seamless harmony of this incredible tool adaptor. Upgrade your toolkit today and experience a new level of productivity with the Harlingen Psc To Rectangular Shank Adaptor.

* Available in six sizes, PSC3-PSC10, Diameter. 32, 40, 50, 63, 80, and 100