Founded in 1989 by China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association, CIMT is one of the 4 prestigious international machine tool shows together with EMO, IMTS, JIMTOF.
With the steady improving of influence, CIMT has become an important site of advanced technology communication and business trading. Along with the continuous lift of international standing and influence, CIMT has become an important place for exchange and trade of advanced global manufacturing technology, and a display platform for the latest achievement of modern equipment manufacturing technology, and vane & barometer of machinery manufacturing technology progress and machine tool industry development in China. CIMT converges the most advanced and applicable machine tool & tool products. For domestic purchasers and users, CIMT is an international investigation without going abroad.
In the CIMT show April, Harlingen mainly displayed Metal Cutting Tools, PSC Cutting Tools, Tooling Systems. Shrink Fit Power Clamp Machine is the staring product prepared for this show and it attracted customers from Canada, Brazil, UK, Russia, Greece etc. because of its impressive performance. Harlingen HSF-1300SM Shrink Fit Power Clamp Machine uses an induction coil, also called an inductor, as its function principle. The coil creates a magnetic alternating field. If a metallic object with iron parts is located inside the coil, it will be heated. The procedure and the construction of the HSF-1300SM machine enable very quick tool changing. This results in a long life for the shrink fit chuck. In order to have better view of our brand, many customers visited our factory in Chengdu from CIMT and deeply impressed about our production capacity and project solutions. CIMT was a great stage for us to show what we can do and how we make it happen.
The past has become history and future begins right now. We have the confidence to keep helping our premium customers by providing decent tools and solutions, just like before and always. Join us and make production enjoyable and achievable.


Post time: Aug-05-2023